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Surrounded by the Sea is the 4th edition of my Faces of Places Project. This past year I traveled to 10 unique island nations in the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic, Persian Gulf, and South Pacific. Throughout the book you will see many unique cultures, heritages, landscapes, architecture, and ways of life but the one thing that will bond all of these people is that they are completely isolated and surrounded by water. Water is the worlds most plentiful and important resource. How does being surrounded by water effect these peoples lives. Originally water was a barrier. Before planes, having a water border limited travel to arduous seas. But it also opened up the opportunity to trade with any neighbor that shared the water. Water was trapping but liberating. It also has its aesthetic appeal. Many people dream of a holiday doing nothing but sitting by the water. Other people count on the water for survival. They fish in the sea and use the oceans resources to survive. But despite these similarities, notice the vast diversity of what island life can look like.

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'Faces of Places' is a 3 part series that takes you on a journey to 30 countries spanning 5 continents showing you the people that create the culture, and the places that shape the people.

All photography provided by Zach Murphy



Faces of Places is a series of books documenting beautiful places and unique cultures around the world.



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