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This past year I moved to Africa to expand my Faces of Places Project. I lived amongst remote tribes in Uganda, slept under the stars in the Moroccan desert, sailed to island monasteries in Ethiopia, descended to 5,000 year old tombs in Egypt, chased wild cheetahs in Kenya, and followed the footsteps of Jesus through Israel. To share these experiences and bring to life the people I met, I am self publishing my third Faces of Places book. If you have a love for travel and adventure and believe this project has the ability to make the world a better, more understanding place, please consider purchasing this beautiful 180 page coffee table book. 

See the World. Meet the People.


'Faces of Places' is a 3 part series that takes you on a journey to 30 countries spanning 5 continents showing you the people that create the culture, and the places that shape the people.

All photography provided by Zach Murphy



Faces of Places is a series of books documenting beautiful places and unique cultures around the world.



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