every face tells a story


Every face tells a story and every place shapes that person’s story. Whether it is the person’s occupation, home, city, backyard, or their morning commute, the places surrounding them shape their lifestyle, culture, and worldview. Meanwhile these people are the very ones shaping the places they occupy whether it be through their architecture, work of the land, or preservation of their environment.

The people are what make these places, and the landscapes are what make these people who they are. The two are forever intertwined, creating the variety of life that makes each country and culture so unique.

We travel the world for this reason: to experience and witness the scope of how life is lived in ways so foreign to us. Yet amid the vast myriad of lifestyles and cultures, we still see common humanity amongst us all. We can strangely relate to each of these people. Across the globe, face after face looking back at you, different colored skin, different styles of clothing, every person has eyes and ears, a nose and a mouth, smiles and personality. Despite the different places from which they come and the different experiences of their life written in every shadow and wrinkle of that face, they all breathe the same air, pump blood through the same heart, think with the same brain, and process the same emotions through their soul.

I hope after flipping through this book and seeing the faces of the world and the places that have shaped who that person is, you’ll be able to view the world through a wider lens and see we have all been created in the same image, we are all human, living and inhabiting this planet under the same sun.